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Anyone who usually spends their downtime with a sit down elsewhere and a great book can let you know precisely how quickly all those books can easily pile up.

Having a Bookshelf Ideas and a complete bookcase is fantastic, but probably there is a far more creative way of displaying them off, and sure, you could put them away, but displaying your preferred reads is simply one more method of making your house into a best spot.

So, imagine if I informed you a bit of metal could change your wall space into book storage space that doubles as artwork?

Bookshelf Ideas from Umbra’s floating bookshelf, intelligently and properly called the “Conceal” shelf, can make your bookworm-meets-style dreams possible.

The silver shelves are hidden once you stack your preferred books on them (since it’s designed to ensure that the bottom book actually envelopes the shelf), which makes it look like those books you have been collecting are actually suspended in the air. And truthfully, who requires a gallery wall when you’re able to have floating books livening up your space!

The shelves can be found in a little and a big size, with the small measuring 5.25 inches wide and supporting to 15 pounds, and the large measuring 7 inches wide and holding up to 20 pounds.

You can buy each shelf separately on Amazon (the tiny retails for $12.88, and the large retails for $15) or buy each size in a couple of 3. Yes, and if you are still not totally offered by how seriously awesome these shelves appear, you need to know that there are a lot more than 1,000 testimonials from happy customers. You can search by yourself on Amazon 🙂

While I really like the design of our house, it doesn’t already have many areas of brick wall space downstairs. That’s a concern when you like books and need plenty of book storage ideas! I’ve also noticed from readers asking how to proceed about book storage in small areas.

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Fortunately, books are amazing and make excellent decor! I’ve utilized a few occasionally for a long time, but there was not a really system involved. I simply grabbed whatever I had a need to fill in an area on a desk or wall shelf.

I am ashamed to say I found out my husband have been hoarding heavy style books in the backpack he carried each day. Evidently, he was “dropping” books around the house because I was usually shifting them around to match the decor.

A couple weeks ago, we experienced the books from the many rooms throughout the house. We boxed many up for another garage sale, and separated all the “keepers” by theme therefore they could complete most of my book storage ideas around the house!

When we were carried out, I realized than we’d stashed books in 5 different spaces throughout the house. It’s like residing in a carefully curated library right now! I applied a few extra suggestions for kid spaces.


Over in the living room, I needed to become more strategic in what books were about the coffee table. We have five books filled with fascinating one-page tales that produce for great discussion if a guest had been to choose one up. Plus, I usually forget to read them myself and wanted them handy.

Nearby, we do involve some actual shelf space in the television console. Rather than filling it with films, we utilize it for books. After Task Book Organization, we separated them into fiction books using one side and then biography/history books on the other.

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I nearly forgot! We’ve some bookends on the additional end table as well. These are often books we are presently reading, but the picture below was a from a photo shoot I did so for a brand using color coordinating books. No flat work surface is secure from my book storage / book decorating ideas!

In the kitchen nook, I place some cookbooks on screen using book ends on the brand new open up shelves. Because they are out where we are able to see them, I have a tendency to use them more regularly! In addition, having my Gram’s classic Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook within the kitchen decoration makes me smile each time I discover it.

Shifting down the hallway to our bedroom, We grouped all of the plant and horticulture books with each other in a stack to include a little height and interest to the storage space cabinet. When I have to research something or simply need to read up on plant treatment, I finally understand precisely where to discover the right book.

In the bedroom, I’ve an adorable, tiny desk that was my mom’s. It is an ideal spot to place the even more traditional books from our collection. Whenever we have a bigger group of books to store on a smaller sized space, I love to mix things up and perform some horizontal to make a free bookend and then add visual curiosity.

Our nightstands are another place we like to stash books in an ornamental way. They keep books we’re reading or wish to start soon.

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