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Hey Loves! I am hoping you’re doing well, today I returned with my best and latest storage ideas and home decor! I’ve included all my favorite storage space from furniture to decoration. I’ve always wished to come with an office/beauty room where I possibly could have my makeup vanity to do my make-up and prepare yourself & another work table to do might work. I’ve been doing my research for quite awhile now and everything the products mentioned will be the ones that I’ll a 100% buy when I’ll have my very own beauty room 1 day (psst I’ve already bought a few of them). If you’re interested then just continue reading!


I believe IKEA furniture are constantly the best and you may never fail with them, they’re around Youtube  and Pinterest. Furthermore, I’d go for white furniture specifically because they make the room a lot brighter and create the illusion of experiencing a more substantial space. With regards to a make-up vanity, I’ll probably get a dressing desk with a mirror or I’ll connect a reflection against the wall structure because I don’t wanna take too much space, and also to end it off I’ll put in a white seat (which is comfortable to take a seat on).


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Obviously the ultimate touch is the decor, the thing that makes the area more personal, unique and special for me personally is the decor! Nowadays, there are various decor parts – my most liked ones are glass/mirror trays and faux flowers. You can try TV Wall also. You can include so many pieces depending on your requirements.



For me, acrylics will be the easiest way to store our favorite things. They provide a classy and beautiful look, and they’re actually so useful! Also, they are so low-priced nowadays – you can find this stuff at Primark which is such a discount!


DIY Dark Academia Home Decor/English Library Decor Projects

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